Flat Rack - European Mounting System

European Mounts are a great way to remember your hunts. This season, put the nails away... be sure to display your skulls proudly with the Flat Rack wall mount! 

Whether it's a first year or older buck, the Flat Rack is a universal mounting system that sets behind the ear canal of your skull. Evenly screw the Flat Rack to a wall inside/outside your home or maybe at 'Deer Camp' to make a unique and striking display. 

How to Set the Skull: 

1. Find a unique spot and screw Flat Rack securely to wall 

2. Grab skull by face

3. Guide the skull's ear canals to the side prongs of the Flat Rack and gently rest the bridge of the mouth to the bottom support prong


- Securely holds skull with two screw holes (we recommend using dry wall anchors when mounting to drywall and not on a stud or wood material)

- Natural and dynamic display of Euro Mounts

- Easily switch skulls on and off the mount to rotate different mounts in one spot

- 16 gauge Powder Coated Steel

- American Made and Designed by the FNS Products family

- American Material






[FNS Products is not responsible for any damage done to surface material or skulls due to negligence of users]


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