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Father N’ Products was founded by Cris (Father) and Wesley (Son) Lehman. 

My Dad is the man who showed me everything and taught me how to appreciate the outdoors. From the beginning, Dad used to take me into the woods or field and carry all the gear while we went hunting. As the years went on, I grew up and he slowed down. It was my turn to return the favor and start carrying the gear. After years of trying to find the best way to pack gear in/out, we couldn't find any good way for me to carry in our decoys. Bags were not always helpful because we still had to dig through and hope decoys weren't tangled. Then in the water, the bags would hold water, take up a lot of space, and even freeze to the bottom of the boat... not even talking about the rips that always would happen and have to get patched up. 

By that point, our frustration was building and then the mess in the boat was growing as we would just let our decoys scatter around without the bag on carabiners. 

After being late on a prime migration day, the Hilrod was born! It was nearly 2 years in the making, but in the Fall of 2016, Dad and I had developed a prototype that fit every waterfowlers' needs! Waterfowl hunting is all about opportunities and some times there's limited chances to harvest those flocks.

​As we tested out the the Hilrod, our spreads were set in less than half the time, we eliminated all of our tangled rigs, became more mobile in rough terrains, organized and utilized our boat space for more decoys, and kept ourselves more dry!

As we progressed and saw errors in how our field decoys were being managed, we designed the Tote'm Rod. Now the same efficiency the Hilrod brings to your water spread is brought to your field spread!

We hope that our inventions can bring you just as much excitement and joy to your hunting as it has for us!


Meet our clan!

 We are dedicated to providing products that will revolutionize your hunting experiences. Because our family truly cares about the craft of the products you use, we manufacture them with our own hands from start to finish.


Cris - the Dad who solves it all - co-owner of FNS Products and co-inventor of the Hilrod - mastermind to solving the trickiest of questions - hands on with product development details & the finished product evaluation

Wes - the Son behind the grind - co-owner of FNS Products and co-inventor & founder of the Hilrod and Tote'M Rod - manufactures our products by hand - the man connecting us all together 

Sue - the Mom that makes the dream come together - lovely assistant who works harder then all of us combined - quickly handles shipping our products to get them to you as fast as possible


Andie - the wife next to Wes - dedicated to helping close the gaps with behind the scenes work and tying up loose ends 


Buck- the best hunting partner we could ever ask for - the black Labrador who "owns" Wes! - our greatest motivator to having the best products to make hunting adventures amazing :-)